Sund Nov 17th - 11am to 12.30pm - TOTARA PARK - Healing anxious dogs - $30



90 Wairere Road, Manurewa, Auckland

Do you have an anxious dog?  Do you have an anxious dog which in turn makes you anxious?  

Is your dog anxious when you leave the house?  

Do they bark, cry/whine, urinate, poo, rip your favourite items apart?  
Does your dog or you, or both suffer from separation anxiety?

Help is HERE!!!  

This event will cover a number of things;

1. Demonstration of how an anxious dog is created,

2. Demonstration of how to reverse behaviour to stop your dog from becoming anxious through positive reinforcement.  Behaviour changes in a minimum of 3 days.

3. Learn and practice massage technique to help your dog transition out of anxiety and strengthen your bond with them.  
This massage is also helpful for transitioning new dogs/rescue/abandoned dogs into your home or when you have lost a pet and your other pets become anxious or have developed separation anxiety.  
It is also useful for when you may be spending periods of time away from your pet while they are in care in boarding kennels or with other people. 

4. Understand dog language versus human language.

5. Tips for training dogs.

6. Questions.  Ask anything..... 

At the beginning of this event all dogs and owners will have 10-15mins time to get socialised with each other ie. butt sniffing, marking, etc.  This will allow them to settle down and get used to being around each other for us to continue with the event.  If your dog is antisocial please keep them under control at all times or put a muzzle on them if your think they may bite another animal or human.  When the dogs and everyone else are settled in, we will begin.

Please note.  This event is for 1.5hrs but may go a bit longer especially during the questions section.  

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