Sund Dec 8 - Auckland Wide - Romiromi and Mirimiri - Individual Healing - KOHA


BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please click here to schedule an appointment.

This service is provided in the comfort of your own home Auckland wide.

Romiromi and Mirimiri - Individual Healing.  Takes approximately 1-1.5 hours.  KOHA based only - due to wairua/spiritual nature of this type of healing.  Please see below for koha explanation.

From observing this healing, one would think that romiromi and mirimiri is a full body massage and a chat but it goes deeper than that.  It is a connection between the giver, receiver, ancestors and guides coming together to support you in the release of long held old emotions that no longer serve you.

Our emotions if not felt or released start to accumulate and fester in our bodies and create dis-ease.  They primarily affect our spiritual which flows into our physical, mental, and energetic fields.  They also have a flow on effect in the way in which we interact with our whanau/family and loved ones.  Romiromi involves the moving and shifting of stagnant and long held emotions and emotional pain in the body to be felt, acknowledged, transformed, and released.  Your guides and loved ones also come in to support you during this time to watch over you and sometimes participate eg. they hold your hand or their hands join mine to help move out of you what no longer serves you.

Following the release, Mirimiri will be conducted to give you information from the spiritual world, your guides and your loved ones of things they want you to know to keep you healthy and happy.

This is tapu sacred mahi and at all times you will be safe, cared for and all information you share is strictly confidential.

During and following this healing you may feel a variety of things; 

Lighter physically and energetically, 

Raw and uncertain of what just occurred especially when you have released the emotions,

Happier, giggly, immense joy,

Sleep deeply for the first time in many years,

Special, loved, and cared for,

Unburdened, open hearted,

Following this healing you will continue to feel positive changes spiritually, energetically, physically, emotionally, and mentally.


The equal exchange of giving the value of what you have received.  The value is measured by your heart, not the brain/head.

Please note - Sometimes at the beginning of this mahi, individuals close their hearts and are not ready to release or receive.  This is when I will end the session and talk to you about why I have stopped and we can reschedule or you can contact me when you are ready to let go.

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