TEAM BUILDING - Whakawhanaungatanga

WHANAUNGATANGA - relationship through shared experiences.  Whanaungatanga is where we create a relationship through working together and sharing experiences that ultimately give people a sense of belonging.  When we feel we have a purpose and a sense of belonging, we approach life with strength, courage, and vigor.

Are you looking for ways for your teams to work together in order for them to lead, inspire, and motivate each other?  Do you want to engage your employees in unique activities that generates happiness, wellbeing and a tight bond?  

With TUKU IHO we provide some uniquely NZ events for team building.  Not only do you have fun, bond, and experience some relaxation, but through your learning you help to preserve ancient ancestral knowledge.  

If you're looking to reward your team, boost morale or encourage collaboration, we are here to help and support.  We can plan something that is uniquely yours.  Click on the links above or check out the activities below for more information.

Cost varies based on a number of factors; the size of your group, use your venue or one provided by us, shorter or longer time frame.  Please click here for a team building quote.  Fill out the form and we will contact you.

Discover what our beautiful native forest offers in ways to heal the body and mind from the beautiful Kanuka tree to the Black Mamaku.  Learn which plants are used as an x-ray for our bodies, which plant relaxes and eases our minds, to weight loss and so much more.

Through this interactive event you will experience as a group how to do a simple treatment on yourself and/or each other to destress and relax.  The care these plants provide directly from nature, leaves you feeling physically lighter, refreshed, invigorated and ready for the day ahead.

This event will create team bonding through a unique shared experience that will have a long lasting affect.  Using 100% sustainable native plants, sit back, relax and enjoy learning and experiencing the treasures provided for us by Papatūānuku Earth Mother. 

NATIVE BUSH MEDICINE Rongoā Māori (1-2hrs)

Learn and experience

NATIVE BUSH MEDICINE Rongoā Māori (1-2hrs) - Learn and experience

Try all the different art mediums before choosing one to make your own art piece

ART EXPLORATION (2hrs) - Try all the different art mediums before choosing one to make your own art piece

As children when we were handed a paint brush and blank paper, we just created.  Somehow some of us have lost this courage to try new things or step outside our comfort zone.  This activity is designed to test people and motivate them to be courageous, trust their instincts and get creating! 

Round robin style each person will get to try a different art medium before choosing one that they will spend more time on creating their own art piece.

This event will encourage everyone to become fearless, listen to their inner voice, have a sense of freedom & play while learning to understand their own blocks to personal development and success.

Explore the beauty of the harakeke flax plant and learn how it is guided into different shapes and forms to create beautiful 100% sustainable treasures that will last many years.  Make them as individuals or have a group of people rotating in and out to complete them over the time period.  You will find however once people start touching the flax they will not want to stop!

Choose to make either the lily (1 - 1.5 hrs) or kete/bag (2-3hrs) and use them to enhance your workspace or keep them as precious gifts.

In this activity each individual will be challenged to convert 2 dimensional into 3.  They will experience what it's like to engage all senses into laser like focus where all their thoughts and emotions are aligned towards achieving one goal.  They will learn to have patience with themselves and will naturally reach out to each other for support, guidance, and learn to trust themselves and others.

HARAKEKE FLAX WEAVING for beginners (1.5 or 3hrs)

HARAKEKE FLAX WEAVING for beginners (1.5 or 3hrs)


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