Tukuiho: (tuku~iho) Pass down
Ko ēnei nga taonga tuku iho a ōku tīpuna ki a matou

These are the treasures that my ancestors passed down to us

Have you WISHED you could weave flax but didn't know where to start?

Are you a RARE left handed learner?

Tired of having to adjust to a right handed world?

Ambidextrous teacher will show you how to truly weave flax left handed or right handed if you desire

Tuku Iho is dedicated to sharing how to weave flax (Mahi Raranga) time efficiently for beginners.

Here you will learn foundational skills and knowledge that will enable you to continue to recreate flax items at home.  But more importantly, YOU will be helping to preserve knowledge unique to our place in the world.

Start by learning how to weave a flax basket (kete) or flax basket (kono).

"Flax Weaving from beginning to beyond"


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