Sun Sept 8th - Group healing for teens in depression - KOHA


Location and time TBA.  Duration 2 hours.

Places are limited to 10 teenagers only.  They may bring their parents/parent or friend/s for support.

Please click here to reserve a space.

This group healing is for teens who have recently become depressed, are in depression currently or have recently come out of it.  This healing involves using the Kawakawa plant to clear and unblock, and romiromi using rakau externally, to shift old, deep and stagnant emotions from the body to start the healing process.

During and following this healing you may feel a variety of things; 

Deep body shaking prior to emotions releasing,

Lighter physically and energetically, 

Raw and uncertain of what just occurred especially when you have released the emotions,

Happier, giggly, immense joy,

Sleep deeply for the first time in many years,

Special, loved, and cared for,

Connection to each other.

This is a group event where each teen will receive a 1 on 1 healing to support them to release and heal.  Their supporters will also be invited to help with this healing process.

This event is KOHA based only - due to spiritual nature and use of Māori Rongoā for this type of healing.

KOHA EXPLAINED; The equal exchange of giving the value of what you have received.  The value is measured by your heart, not the brain/head.  Your koha will allow me to travel around the Auckland District to help other teenagers and families.

Just like nature, we all go through our own seasons in life; Growth/New beginnings (Spring), Joy (Summer), Sadness/Letting go (Autumn), and Rest/Connection (Winter).  In todays media & society we have been manipulated into thinking that the only emotion we are allowed to have is happiness or anger.  As a result we deny ourselves the right to feel and express other emotions.  This is unnatural, and creates imbalance.  Over time unexpressed emotions or denying self the right to have or release these emotions creates blocks that can lead to depression.

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